What We Offer

Processes + Tools

  • Strategic HR/People Management and Leadership Development
  • HR Analytics - Descriptive Statistics, Data Summaries, Correlations (including predicting outcomes between factors) and Analysis of Variance
  • HR Policy Development (including Handbooks)
  • Performance Management and Monitoring 
  • HR Tech

Resourcing Needs

  • Talent Management Audit  and Seminars
  • HR and Branding to help enhance reputation
  • Job Design and Organisational Restructuring 
  • Succession Planning 
  • Employee Engagement and Retention

Behavioural Change

  • Organisational Culture
  • Inclusion + Talent - The Labyrinth and Audit
  • Flexible Working advice and guidance from people who live and breathe it

How We Do It

We work with our clients effectively by: 

  • Helping you clarify your aims and objectives, mission and vision to harness great talent
  • Providing written recommendations of solutions to your specific needs 
  • Independent surveys, quantitative investigation and qualitative research with employees and business partners
  • Providing detailed reports and explanations both before and after any changes 

All Talman HR's work utilises industry approved standards.