Inclusion + Talent

At Talman HR, we believe that Inclusion + Talent principles are key to successful People Management. Maximise your talent to give your business the edge.  Traditionally inclusion has been seen as a problem or difficulty requiring policies and procedures to standardise practices. The only trouble is everyone is different (which is great, by the way)!

Diversity image Wheelchair

Talman HR is different in many ways. Our director, Chris Wright has Cerebral Palsy, having started in a special school and now holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. He has therefore overcome many significant hurdles while in pursuit of each of his goals to date. He is proof that disability is no barrier to becoming a valuable member of the business community.  

Thought-leaders have studied Inclusion + Talent and found that a failure to address issues based on practical insights can:

  • Reduce innovation potential by up to 40%
  • Reduce business interest from customers by up to £1.8bn across the UK economy annually

Addressing these issues should:

  • Avoid 75% of Inclusion + Talent consumers moving business elsewhere if service providers do not accommodate their needs sufficiently
  • Avoid 83% of workers leaving their employer because they have failed to understand their needs  

Take a look at our areas of expertise below:

Inclusion + Talent Matrix

We can help you to:

  • Undertake Inclusion + Talent audits to inform you of the issues present in your business. Actionable solutions can then be implemented through our business partnering approach
  • Make informed decisions about the next steps to take
  • Create a collaborative working culture which is accommodating of everyone’s needs
  • Monitor the impact of changes in performance monitoring and reporting – establishing a truly proactive business case

We can provide innovative, practical solutions which are ‘out of the box’ in terms of their thinking and effectiveness. We don’t just follow and ensure compliance with minimum standards. Everyone in your business has a real value, it is time to ensure this potential is realised and put to sound business use.

Rather than viewing Inclusion + Talent as a barrier to business performance, why not see it as an enabler? The formation of diverse talent networks brings people together with an invaluable range of professional and personal experiences which can help your business. This blends perfectly with our Talman HR Architecture to provide fully integrated, customisable or bespoke solutions. 

The first step towards a fully inclusive workforce? Contact  a member of our team to find out how we can help.