Ideas and dreams are the foundation for success and fulfilment

Posted 13 May 2019

Apologies first of all but this post is all about me! As a full-time wheelchair user with cerebral palsy it is essential that I manage the effects of my disability effectively. I realise that I have been extremely fortunate to receive considerable support from a very large group of people; Family, friends, contacts etc. who have enabled me to achieve quite a lot so far including two degrees and the foundation of a consultancy business. 

I am however aware that not everyone has been quite so fortunate as me. However, the basic ‘mechanics’ are still the same. I am sure that most people aspire to achieve particular goals but for career-minded individuals who have little or no choice but to manage their additional needs in as effective way as possible, it is even more pivotal. 

There are three essential points to consider: 

1. Flexible working can be highly useful in enabling people to get work done, manage their needs and work productively providing that there is little distraction within their workspace. Measures to combat work-life balance and social isolation such as physical activity (great for health anyway) and hotdesking periodically can help produce some of the negative effects of flexible working.

2. Finding a role for yourself which is indispensable to businesses. This can often come about from own experiences and ingenuity. If you work around problems on a regular basis, you are best placed to offer workable solutions rather than purely regurgitating a textbook.

3. Do something that you enjoy doing and have a clear path to get there. Use your networks.

Talman HR and their partners can help in situations like these, we have a range of innovative solutions which deal with real-life considerations and demonstrate the business case for developing a truly inclusive workforce.




by Chris Wright